Coordinating your outfit with the wallpaper is so very.

Alone! Alone! Lives of Some Outsider Women: "In the course of over thirty years of writing about psychology, child development, biography, and fiction, Rosemary Dinnage has encountered a variety of outstanding women, all of whom, in one way or another, felt powerfully alone. Here she brings together her reflections on some of the most memorable of them, including solitairies like the painter Gwen John and the philosopher Simone Weil; muses to partners of genius like Clementine Churchill and Giuseppina Verdi; unstoppable characters like the birth-control advocate Marie Stopes and the children's novelist Enid Blyton; literary survivors like Isak Dinesen and Rebecca West; and, along the way, an assortment of aristocrats, lawbreakers, manic-depressives, transvestites, and storytellers."

"Nymphoto is a collective of women photographers dedicated to creating a community of and for female artists, in order to span the gender divide that pervades throughout the art world today. Our primary concern is to increase the exposure of our photographers and the work they create. ... We are our own school; we are our own representation; we are our own gallery." Member Tema Stauffer currently has a solo exhibition of her gorgeous contemporary photography at Jen Bekman (open tomorrow from 12-6pm.)

I'm off for the rest of the day, to attend to other projects and later to see Regina Spektor at Housing Works tonight, and then on to points and destinations unknown thereafter. Have a lovely weekend.


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