Hey everybody. I am off for the weekend, once I figure out this whole "doing laundry" thing, but I would like to leave you with this thought:

How amazing is the new Elvis Costello album? I am a little in love with it, and haven't quite been able to stop playing it all month. I know some people think that he and wife Diana Krall have been a bad influence on each other musically, and I don't really know her work, so who knows, maybe he's taking her down a few notches. (Ann Lamott just wrote a cute essay about this, in Oprah magazine for October, I think, in which she refused, finally, to play tennis with her boyfriends if they were not playing at her level hence hurting her game, but it's not online, sorry).

But it seems, from this new album, Delivery Man, that Krall's influence on him has brought added complexity and depth, a smart but not too brainy inclusion of jazz elements that I can listen to on the subway over and over and over. I recommend. Cool things happen to guys' art when they don't date down.


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