How did I miss this? Interesting little article in Infoshopnews

"Laura Bush came in on her fake campaign "W is for women" attempting to lure voters to the republican party even though the right makes it very clear that women are not to make decisions for themselves about their bodies. Nor are they make as much money while doing the same work as men".

"Through a few other interviews with other women there who were holding W is for women signs it became clear that most of these women did not understand why they were at the event. When asked why W stood for women most looked glassy eyed and confused. Not a single person interviewed cited bush policy that supports womens rights, but thats simple, there isnt any. It was just interesting to see people so easily overtaken by misleading sloganism and when confronted with it breaking out into foolish nationalist chants like "U S A" or "God Bless America" because they dont know how to respond"...

Here's the new spiral notebook we should all be using for our women's study classes.

If it turns into four more years I am moving to europe and will start a Cupcake Francais!

see you all tonight.


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