I am so in love with One Story magazine that I have procrastinated writing a blog post about it for three weeks now, in a sort of Wayne's World we're-not-worthy kind of awe. The genius of mailing me a story that is compact enough for my bag, that punctuates every three weeks of my life, that is readable on the subway, that is so expertly chosen by Hannah Tinti--I really am just all fluttery over this magazine.

The story that pushed my crush over the edge is "Conceived," by David Lawrence Morse, which takes place entirely in a village on the back of a beloved whale. You must read this story--it's not available online, but you can get a little taste, a little excerpt, here.

And so see where my procrastination gets me--I am so slow in the blog zone, I am so not up to blogger speed, but that's why you love me, right? What I mean to say is that everyone else has already pointed out that One Story got an amazing three pieces in the just-released Best American Short Stories. I am so, so happy for them! Go Hannah! Go Maribeth! Yippee!

One Story sidesteps one aspect of the the dinosaur economic model of the literary world--lit mags with SO much content that they are impossible to read--and streamlines, focuses on quality not quantity, works very leanly, and elegantly, and with such great pleasure. What a treat.



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