I enjoy taking a moment now and then to read and revisit the series of "Letters from Edinburgh" that writer Claire Miccio wrote for The Morning News during a year abroad.

The collected pieces are great travel writing that conveys a sense of place, and always full of wry and detailed observations that a) make Edinburgh, or wherever she is at the time, sound like a fascinating city, and b) contain little glints of wisdom that are universal, like tapered jeans and their presence as an indicator of one's willingness to rock at a certain age, e.g.
To me, David Byrne is comforting. His voice is my madeleine and tea; I can hear a part of my past in it. That’s why I cannot believe I’m in Edinburgh, pogo-ing a few feet away from him, the big suit guy I pogo-ed to 10 years ago with my brother in a small Midwest town. I also cannot believe what a blast thirtysomethings in tapered jeans are! They get down like nobody’s business! If I could, I would buy them all a round of tonics.
Most definitely.

The Morning News is so fabulous. If it's not currently your first stop while you drink your a.m. coffee, it should be. It is both the only publication to which I have ever made a donation and the only place that Cupcake has ever advertised.

They have more women contributing writers than some other (cough, cough) publications we admire, but still only 4 out of 12 writers listed on the masthead are women. I wish there were more.


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