I just got back from the usual Cupcake planning meeting. Elizabeth, Jen and I get together at Seppi's in Le Parker Meridien about once a month or so and stuff ourselves silly with the amazing chocolate brunch. It's outrageous. And we have these incredible, dreamy, inspiring conversations about how, exactly it is that we plan to change the world, one Cupcake at a time.

First a note about me and my slightly un-expansive mood today: Some strange person kept calling my house last night between 1 and 2am, and the phone would ring once and then hang up, and it kept happening 3 or 4 times until I turned the ringer off. And then I had all of these dark, fall turns into winter dreams that would have kept a Jungian analyst busy for at least a week or two just unraveling them. And then I got a repeat wrong # caller on my cell phone this afternoon, who kept saying: "It's me - this is your father. It's your father. It's me - Name of Person Who is Not My Father." So I wasn't really feeling the big positivity until I got home and thought about everything we discussed and turned it over and over in my mind.

And I realized that Elizabeth is so right about Cupcake being one big party with a point to it. She has the best ideas, and ever since I met her six or seven years ago, she has totally just opened my mind to the possibility that nothing in the world is static -- everything can change, and it will. And Jen, she is such a creative, optimistic person who can totally envision a million different successful scenarios in five minutes or less. You can not be on the downbeat around her. She's just not having it.

I feel so lucky to have been somehow steered by fate or free will or the stars or lucky charms or whatever towards my talented visionary friends Elizabeth and Jen and Cupcake, and every amazing person I've met and every wonderful thing (and there have been many) that's come about as a result. Lately things have really been taking off for Cupcake, not just in the sense that many more people are discovering the great thing we have going, here at the blog and each month at the readings, but that we are getting such great feedback and so many people have contacted us wanting to get involved.

It's fabulous, and so gratifying. Right now we're looking for a web designer who can help us overhaul our main site, cupcakeseries.com. We have several exciting new features we'd love to incorporate, and right now we're trying to pull together some funds to make it happen. So if you or someone you know might be interested in freelance work and helping out with the web project, please get in touch.

'Til Tuesday-

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