I just hit a point where I can't remember what I've blogged about before and what I haven't. Lauren is fresher and dewier than I am, not to mention bigger-brained, and doesn't have this problem, or won't until she's an old lady at least. Everything is so dense for me right now as I am registering new students for my workshops like mad (so cool that things are filling up fast!), trying to get Girly out into the world as we start a new Cupcake publishing imprint, and working on our new website--so exciting!--and our 2005 activist effort, the Cupcake Liberation Front.

I don't know if I said it before, but I woke up feeling it again: I am so grateful that I had a really hard time finding an agent who thought Girly would be able to be sold as a first novel. At the time, of course, I was disappointed and pissed, but now it's pure excitement (not counting the mild constant fatigue and detail-overload).

Because I've gotten to create a little community with Jen and Lauren who both feel like this glorious happy fate working in my life, and I've gotten to hear such great readers at Lolita once a month, and we get to create an alternate world where the publishing industry dinosaur is just being all lame all over town, and we get to start a group with the words "Liberation Front" in it.



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