I recently stumbled upon The F Word, "an online magazine dedicated to talking about and sharing ideas on contemporary UK feminism," and I think I have read nearly every article.

My current favorite is "Not My Cup of T," a look at ridiculous t-shirt slogans:
This trend isn't just about being sexy, either. T-shirts also announce the promiscuity of the wearer, often promising convenient unfaithfulness for the viewer, as in 'Tonight I'm Single', and 'My Boyfriend is Out of the Country'. I particularly dislike the last for its implication that any questions about your availability have to be referred to your present licensee, as it were; and also that while your current partner is away you will naturally be doing your duty as a woman by servicing some other member of the male population. After all, what else could keep you appropriately busy and entertained? Extending this logic, it's surely only a matter of time before T-shirts proclaiming 'I Do It With Dogs', or 'Buy Me a Drink and I'll Give You a Blow Job in the Back of Your Vauxhall Nova' appear in Top Shop.
I find this sort of commentary very refreshing, especially after seeing a magazine spread devoted to female celebrities I formerly sort of liked wearing the same ubiquitous "my boyfriend is out of town" t-shirt, made out of some "repurposed" vintage thing that looked dirty anyway.

Elizabeth has found an alternative to the "I Do It With Dogs"-type shirt, in the form of LadyLike Wonderwear, and Dangerous Breed.

And as we all know, a tacky t-shirt is often just one piece of the whole package.


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