Just yesterday at our planning meeting for the reading series, Swimming Sweet Arrow came up, as it often does.

SSA is one of the best coming of age stories in contemporary literature, without the nostalgic gloss so often ascribed to the genre.

Author Maureen Gibbon on writing:
The riskiest thing I've ever written is usually the thing I just finished or the thing I'm in the middle of. I really believe that working with risky material can be a main line to the energy at the core of a writer. When working with material that is hard to write or that makes me feel vulnerable, I sometimes write the hardest line/scene/image first. I write it as fast as I can, and as raw as it needs to be. That way, I can stop dreading it, and I can also get a good look at the thing. I also use this method to bring myself into contact with new material. I write the rawest thing I can, or something that makes me uneasy, and I try to understand what story it may be leading to. Sometimes I have to live with a particular line or image for a long time before I can write the surrounding material.
In related news, "Dust & Fire," a publication of art and writing by women who live in Minnesota and its environs, is has issued a call for entries to this year's competition. The reading and reception that will celebrate the winners in December will feature none other than Maureen Gibbon.

We may have to go on our first ever Cupcake road trip for that one!



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