LADYFEST EAST starts Oct 28!

The festival features lots of fun and interesting workshops, shows (The Gossip, Le Tigre, etc), performances, films and more, including GirlComic (and Cupcake alum, January '04) Becky Donohue.

Funny woman Chelsea Peretti is also in the comedy line-up. We would tend to tend to agree with her vision of an improved new york:
If you could change one thing about New York, what would it be?

Lower rent. Add more sexy men. Raise salaries. Make opportunities to eat private, complimentary, buffet style food. And I don�t mean buffet-style like a bunch of shitty hotel food, I mean this decadent smorgasbord of all my favorite foods. It would have chocolate fondue and oysters and great salads and tart pies, and tart lemon cake and lots of appetizers and seafood and pasta. And cheese/fruit plates. As well as an olive bar. Also ice cream sundaes with fudge and almonds, dim sum and sushi (+ grilled shrimp with garlic and butter). Drinkwise it will have: cranberry Calistoga, vitamin water, coke, wine, saki, margaritas, and more.
Most definitely.


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