Randa Jarrar absolutely rocks my world, ever since I read her memorable short story, "You Are a 14-Year Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved To Texas." She's now the Friday blogger at Moorish Girl, and envisions that her coverage will include:
A weekly introduction, starting next week, to a writer who won't necessarily have a book out that is available to buy, but whose work is interesting. This intro will include an interview with the writer (that I will either conduct or link to) and an excerpt from their work (that I may have to translate).

A weekly giveaway. But don't get too excited: some weeks the giveaway will be a copy of that weird comic Whataburger (pronounced WATER-burger, in case you don't live in Texas) puts in their kid's meals.

A weekly post about/excerpt of/link to an old-ish, relevent book, story, article, or poem that is meant to inspire.

A weekly post/rant/series of rants about random literary news and goings-on, especially if they include free beer.

A weekly "New Releases" post that will not include any of the books on the NYT's lame-ass New Releases list.

Now, in addition to being ambitious I am also highly undisciplined, so, there is a chance that all I will do is the weekly giveaway-- because I have a primal and crazy-loud-as-an-acrylic-fuschia-nails-wearing-bronx-grandma need to give/ be loved.
I was just reading what's she posted today (and catching up on last week) and wanted to link to almost everyone one of them, so perhaps you should just take a peek yourself since you won't want to miss a thing.


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