REINVENTING ICONOGRAPHY, or because gazing at the billboards of SoHo requires some sort of cosmic re-balance:

Nicole Maynard
Feminist Icons: Paintings, Drawings and Prints

November 2 - 27, 2004

Opening Reception: November 6, 3-6pm

"'Feminist Icons' is an exhibition exploring sexual politics, spirituality and motherhood.    Picasso's minotaur is made into a sex object, a nude Virgin envisions her baby's destiny to be crucified, while a red Buddha-like woman nurses peacefully.  In The War Between the Minotaurs and the Centaurs, a heroine with a unicorn's head takes on a David pose (from the Rape of the Sabine Women) in order to intervene.  The Twin Towers burn in the background.  A minotaur in the foreground holds a gun, casting traditional mythology in a contemporary light.  Women's psyches in all their complexity are given uncensored visual form and are placed in the context of western culture in the twenty-first century.  Maynard is a "painter's painter" who transforms materials into sensuous, visceral, challenging artworks.

On view at the Bowery Gallery, 530 West 25th St. 4th Fl., from November 2-27th, opening reception November 6th 3-6pm.  Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm.  For more information visit nicolemaynard.com or bowerygallery.org."


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