Remember: we are all going to be a little nuts this week, with this election approaching. Granted, this administration has been making us all extra stressed out, panicked, in fact, for quite some time but we all know what the stakes are and we all know what they're capable of, criminally, so we're ready for anything to happen on our televisions next Tuesday.

I say: give yourself a break, do whatever activism makes you feel better and you can handle, but otherwise act like you've already fled to France: eat a little better, move a little more slowly, wear cuter clothes, give your day job the finger, and flirt.

Margaret Cho says:
In truth, I would much rather vote for Leonard Peltier, who runs for the Peace and Freedom Party. Ideally, we should have more than a two party system. Can you call freedom the choice between two masters? We don't live in a free country, and right now we are far from peace. The Peace and Freedom Party is exactly what we need. Unfortunately, I can't risk the chance of Bush winning just to satisfy my hope of what America could be. It's only a few days now, just after Halloween. I love that mystical holiday, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. If the spirits could vote, I bet they'd all choose Leonard Peltier. He is definitely the most soulful candidate.


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