So it nearly broke my heart last night to have to go teach instead of getting to stick around to hear the gorgeousness of Joanne Jacobson and Monique Truong, but I have rave reviews from everyone present that they both rocked our little underwaterworld basement at Lolita and everyone left feeling all inspired.

I was just inspired to stop in and say hi before I went to teach--both Joanne and Monique are so full of loveliness and I was so excited to have brought them together for a reading that I went on to teach my basic writing course full of energy.

I mean really full--it was punctuation night, a dreaded but neccessary two hours on all those little confusing punctuation details--and I was so energized from seeing everyone at Cupcake that I got all Dead Poets Society when someone asked about how to use an ellipsis. And the semicolon--forget it: in a good way, pure bedlam.


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