So my friend Tania and I were talking this evening about how nervous, nervous we are, about how people who only have cell phones don't get polled, and about a concept I hope you are hearing here first (I just googled it without much luck, but I probably just ESP-stole it from somebody else): election sex. Are you getting ready to reprise your blackout moment? I hope you are honey. Not just for New Yorkers anymore! We all need a little comfort wherever we can get it, no? You know it's going to get ugly, so keep your eye out early, I'd say, a little extra lip gloss this week, I'd say.

There is this PBS documentary on in my background this evening on how the witchhunts coincided precisely with rye-growing areas in moldy weather: the ergot mold that rye grows is basically LSD. People act crazy, executions begin. We as Americans don't really have that same "I had food poisoning" excuse at the moment. Although perhaps all the crappy food people eat in the red states may explain their stunted judgement. I don't really believe in fixing so-called health care so much as I do massively increasing organic farming--that would transform the red states, maybe? A girl can dream. The red states can give her the finger. All is right with the world. Except, of course, you know.

(Some of the Born-Agains, the kind who receive the Presidential Prayer email from Bush every week, are way into raw food. I think this is common ground worth exploring, but you know, the Christians aren't allowed to vote for anyone who is pro-choice, no matter how big of a rat they smell in conservative candidates' economic and environmental policies.)

In other news, Time Out New York named cupcakes, the baked goods, a new essential. We'll take that as a shout out, yes'm.



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