There is much more intelligent commentary on the significance of Arab writers' involvement with the Frankfurt Book Fair on another blog, which you should certainly check out, but I'd like to also point you in the direction of this BBC News piece that gets started in the right direction. Noted:
"I write about women, and about sexual relationships between men and women," says Palestinian feminist novelist Sahra Khalita.

"At first, back in the 1980s, my work was attacked by the Leftists. But now the Palestinian's women's movement is stronger - those who called me a chauvinist and a man-hater have retreated."

Ms Khalita is one of more than 200 Arab writers who have come to this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, the publishing world's biggest annual event, to show the rich variety of Arab writing.
Very cool. I think it goes without saying that the world of books is so much more interesting when fresh voices have the opportunity to be heard.


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