Whenever I am running late and need to grab something off my bookshelf to read on the subway, I often end up with two-time Cupcake alum (Oct. '03 & Sept. '04) Jami Attenberg's Deli Life. It's a terrific, slim little volume of stories about the relationship between a woman and her convenience store. Jami has a new project out, and we're delighted to report that you can now obtain a little instant love for yourself for less than the cost of a latte:
I am starting to hate this book. So here is the deal with Instant Love. Through Hilarious Hijinks TM with the printer, I now have double the print order. What does this mean for me? I get to fold and staple an additional 100 copies. What does it mean for you? I'm halving the cost of the adorable little book with very dirty art. So $7 gets you two books, and if you really insist, $4 gets you one book. But I am hoping that you'll buy two books, one for you, one for the one you love. So please buy one (or two) now. Or let me know if you want to trade.

A little bit about the book:
The short story is called "Spare Change" and it takes place in Seattle. Daniel's art work is awesome. I didn't realize how dirty it was until I was at the printer last night, and they were like, that's naughty. It's a bunch of pictures of naked ladies. If you like naked ladies, this is the book for you, even though my story is not about naked ladies at all, though there are ladies in it. And even though I hate this book because there were so many problems making it (it had to be laid out twice, the first printer was mean, the second printer was really nice but made too many, I kept forgetting to bring artwork to work or to the printer and I generally was an idiot throughout the entire process), now of course I love it madly, because it is done, it is sweet, and as always with the Instant Love collection, it fits very nicely in your pocket.
Available now at whatever-whenever.net.



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