1. Do not put own eyes out.

2. Let your guy off the hook for whatever it was--you have bigger fish to fry.

3. Carbs and more carbs.

4. Think about bourbon but remember that it is only 2pm. Consider Daylight Savings justification=3pm.

5. Election sex. Your own Vagina Monologue is the serious cosmic counterweight to these corporate Republican swine.

6. Another set of Karl Rove voodoo dolls.

7. Remember Toni Morrison's comments that people get so confused by only wanting romantic love--remember how she said you can have that same passion for a family, a country, your work, your community, your children. Understand her explanation so much better now that your heart is as broken, swamped, unmoored by your country as it ever has been by a true love.

8. Rest, take comfort and pleasure where you can, and rest, and rest, because there is going to be more to do soon.

9. Be so grateful for New York and New Yorkers.


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