A couple of months ago, I ate an actual cupcake at Cupcake, which was sort of unusual, since I identified long ago the fact that the cupcakes and liquor combo quickly gives me a blinding headache, which it did. So I can empathize with this post, brought to our attention by Nichelle.

Also, and this is horrible: after I got home really late that night, I was reading in my bed and I looked towards the end of it, where something caught my eye. I had to peer close to see what it was, as I had taken off my eyeglasses in response to said headache, and of course, it was a roach. Ah, city life.

I chased it around the room, a la Tom and Jerry, for a while, and in my hysteria, sprayed Raid on maybe 40% of my belongings at 3:00am. The whole experience was beyond disgusting. Remembering and re-reading this story the next day was the only thing that helped me get over it.

Anyway, that's a long, unpleasant story to remind you that tomorrow night's edition of Cupcake will be dazzling: no cupcakes, no headaches, no roaches. Just two amazing readers and a new, special feature. Click here for details.


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