Congratulations to our very own Elizabeth Merrick, who was featured in that new, scandalous article in The Women's Review of Books that everyone is talking about, entitled "The Times is not a-changin'" (fourth item):
Author Elizabeth Merrick told us about three ways she believes women writers can stave off despair over this situation. One is to collect more data about women and writing. Merrick has begun to document the percentages of women writers included in what she calls "the top echelon of American letters": Harper's, The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Paris Review, The New York Review of Books, and the New York Times Book Review. She also tries to educate people about the disparities: She pointed out to the male editor of an e-mail book review newsletter the paucity of women authors in his mailings. He insisted that about 40 to 50 percent of the reviews he distributed were written by women-but when he actually counted and found the ratio to be only 30 percent, he was surprised and troubled. He then offered to help Merrick with her study. Merrick has also started a reading series with women friends "as a way to avoid self-destruction out of frustration on this issue." The series is called Cupcake and has a weblog at www.cupcakeseries.blogspot.com.
Definitely read the whole article, and watch this space for more analysis and commentary tk.



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