Cupcake was really special tonight; really, one of our best ever.

Martha and Chimamanda just blew us all away. 40+ people were in attendance. Katherine's introduction and post-reading discussion honestly took the Cupcake experience to a whole other level tonight (We certainly would love to have her back again!).

Chimamanda talked about writers who inspired her and the importance of transcending marketing cliches like "coming-of-age" story. Martha talked about the process of writing a novel that takes a long time, eleven years in her case, and what that means for the way that the story is told.

Hearing them read from their work was absolutely fabulous: Broken As Things Are and Purple Hibiscus. Do check them out if you haven't already, and of course, you can listen to Katherine co-host "The Al Franken Show" on the radio every weekday from noon until 3pm.


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