One way to console yourself (as we all desperately are trying to do, before Karl Rove can herd all of us ladies into a giant bamboo cage and onto a steamer vessel bound for Timbuktu) is to focus on the things that are still good in the world. Like the amazingly diverse, independent, creative culture that flourishes, especially locally, in this greatest city, in this beautiful, blue state. If you're here in New York this weekend, please consider checking out a play by a new theater company some friends of mine recently founded.

From this week's edition of The Smart Set, my weekly events column at MaudNewton.com:
11.6: Zoo Theatre is a new company started by a few freakishly talented friends of mine – all under 25 – among them Jonathan C. Kaplan (nominated for a 1992 Tony Award at age 11) and David Mishook (recently co-wrote a new adaptation of Kiss of the Spider Woman for Manhattan Ensemble Theater). Dreaming of Norton, a world premiere, is their first production. Says Jonny, “With beautiful logic and wit, the play explores the universal theme of being alone.” Saturday night marks the third of four performances (the play opens Thursday and ends with a Sunday matinee). 8:00pm, $15.
More information on the show can be found here.


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