During my freshman year of college at a small, Southern, Jesuit university, before I transferred out, I spent most of my time in class daydreaming. I stared out the window and got lost deep in thought so often that one of my professors made everyone rotate their seat to a new row of desks every week, just so I couldn't sit by the window and drive him crazy all the time.

In "Western Civ," which could have been subtitled, "Memorizing Papal Lineage for Success and Pleasure," I developed a total historical crush on Marcus Aurelius, who I would imagine writing Meditations by a campfire at night in some strange land while I was stuck jotting down the reasons that the Church was not to blame for The Great Schism on index cards. This followed an earlier historical crush on Alexander Hamilton, which I outgrew, of course.

I don't have any current historical crushes, but I do have a political crush, and he's sooo best: Matt Ezzell, organizer of feminist forum at UNC-Chapel Hill.


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