God help the red states in their boring, policing-other-people's-sex-lives lives. Blech is still the word of the week in shock at all this. And I know from my mom, who is a Christian (which I am decidedly NOT just in case you were wondering) that many, many of the people who voted for Bush believe in "spiritual warfare" and this kind of shit which you have to go check out to believe:
Churches and networks are orchestrating unbroken 24/7 prayer chains, and some individuals and members of churches will be maintaining a more severe closing fast, like an Esther fast. (Esther 4:16)  Churches and groups might also engage in corporate Ezra fasts. (Ezra 8:21-23)  The final three days will be marked by repentance and a “crying out to God” for the election of God-fearing men and women, deliverance and safe passage into future days.
I am on the Ben fast and the Jerry fast, myself, yes'm.

I figure I might as well get a little padded for winter, because you know that when things get politically repressive for women (the fifties, or those golden, fuzzy, warm Reagan years), media allows women to get a little more normal and healthy looking.

During periods of great political and social advances for women, however . . . more


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