I'm so glad Lauren is back. She's such a good blogger. I had so much fun putting bits of Girly up there for you--it was such a pleasure to have a little art project. I've been working so much on other stuff I love--teaching, Cupcake, a few other projects--that I haven't written since summer. I don't really write in New York, though--I need meandering and quiet time and trees to get me going. And I'm not quite ready to dig into another big novel. But maybe come spring I will start some short stories--teaching my workshops, talking so much about narrative arc and finding the true, organic stakes of a story has inspired me to come up with a few of my own, which I've never been so interested in previously. We'll see.

One more note I didn't get to mention before the Girly deluge--the guys at n+1 are so fabulous (as I've said before). They got back to me right away after I teased them some more about their numbers and submissions. I'm so happy that they are up for rising to the Cupcake challenge.



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