Jenny Davidson definitely has a Cupcake moment:
I feel that I am channeling the ladies of Cupcake!
Just idly checked the Amazon editors' picks for top ten books in Literature & Fiction. Nine of the ten are by white men! (The other is Marilynne Robinson's.) I've read two out of the ten only (Philip Roth and Jonathan Ames), and they're certainly both very good. But it's the pattern of taste that emerges--it's the list you pick if you're a certain kind of guy in your late twenties to mid thirties--what about all the great books by women published this year? ...
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UPDATE: CAAF, of Tingle Alley, reads Jenny's post and gets it, too:
Iā€™m all for a meritocracy (genuinely, genuinely), but I also believe in questioning biases that reflexively place the blue ribbon ā€” whoopsy daisy! ā€” always in the hands of males of the same pack and status. Which is all a way of saying: My god, I Am Charlotte Simmons!? Are you nuts?
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