Neal Pollack is such a Cupcake kind of a guy. He is one of the guy writers I adore, because he doesn't play into those deadly boring literary modes that perpetuate nothing but literariness. He gets in there and kicks ass. And he's onto what's actually going on: the right wing Christians, whose ranks are going, via churches and the internet, every day, are taking over on a local level on up:
But my specialized area of justified paranoia is the infiltration of extreme-right "Dominionist" Christians into every aspect of American society. Their latest victory came on Friday, when the Texas State Board Of Education approved health textbooks after publishers changed the wording in their books to reflect marriage as being between a man and a woman, therefore codifying anti-gay bigotry for another generation. The creepiest bit from the above story is that board members had argued the day before that textbooks could not contain "asexual stealth phrases" such as "individuals who marry."

I've got your asexual stealth phrases right here, pig fuckers.

Our government and our military have been taken over by religious fanatics. Lost in all the "news" about the ongoing massacre in Fallujah is the following quote from Marine Colonel Gary Brandl: ""The enemy has a face. It is Satan's. He is in Fallujah, and we are going to destroy him."

The noose is tightening at home. The dollar is collapsing. Less than a week after Bush was re-installed in the White House, our military is raining death. And there's More to come. As bad as you all think it's going to get under Bush, let me tell you right now that it will be 100 times worse than you ever could have imagined.

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