New York Post Sunday books editor (I had no idea there was such a thing) Jared Paul Stern predicts that "Bad Girlz" (his terminology) are the next big thing, and that, "Hottish young chicks writing "true stories" about how they used to get fucked up all the time will be everywhere." I think he may be right.

"Young chicks" have always given young dudes a real run for their money in the badass category (at least in my experience), so it's only fitting that the publishing industry should discover the trend 5,000 years later. Fresh!

Other predictions on la nouvelle chick lit:
It becomes even more vacuous, e.g. "What's that sound? Oh, it's your brain...trying to eat itself for nourishment, so that it can survive."
It comes in a marbleized shoe box, inspired by a vintage find from a flea market in Paris.
It tries to take your top off, while telling you that Jesus would want you to put out.
And yet, it even makes fucking tedious.
It rejects the iconography of the Bush administration. (at least in Europe).


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