Oh my god, it is time for our first Cupcake art-blog project. I am so excited. I've been overwhelmed in administrative stuff for a few weeks, and I just took a few days to slow down a bit and watch too many episodes of Arrested Development and indulge my current fascination with Angie Bowie, and now that my brain has let go of the email, the email, it's so clear: yes, we'll be excerpting Girly for the next ten days or so.

I'll give you a paragraph or so from each chapter. It's a big blog art project, perfect for giving you a little snippet of somethin somethin at your day job without requiring you read everything to stay abreast, as excerpting one chapter over the week would do. SO in the spirit of blogging! And so nice to give all the different voices in the book a little air.

First excerpt up soon.


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