So, lovelies, I am off to France to commune with the spirits of Jeanne d'Arc, Colette (both of them), George Sand and many other fabulous femmes of past and present who have inspired me, e.g. Agnes B., as well as drink lots of stunning, cheap wine, eat exceedingly stinky cheese, start smoking again when I realize how expensive things are at the current exchange rate, etc.

Starting tomorrow, and every weekday for the next two weeks, the Cupcake blog will be getting all experimental on you, as we serialize one chapter of Elizabeth's near legendary novel, Girly - the underground sensation that inspired Cupcake - coming (packaged with its own revolution) in Spring 2005.

Early buzz:
GIRLY is a literary saga about three generations of women dealing with spirituality, sexuality, and the Cruella De Vil moments that lurk behind all sorts of nice-girl exteriors.

Recent coverage from a major agent describes the writing as "among the best young writing I've read," and "Louise Erdrich, Anne-Marie Macdonald, and Madonna all rolled into one."

Another major agent describes it as "accomplished, commanding, assured, eloquent. As I read, I knew I was in the hands of a master."

Tom Perrotta, author of ELECTION and THE WISHBONES, says: “GIRLY is a darkly lyrical, emotionally potent exploration of characters living in the shadowy margins of American culture. Elizabeth Merrick has written an ambitious and moving first novel, an intimate family epic."

One of the above-mentioned agents also remarks that GIRLY "illustrates the way that freedom of sexuality has simultaneously liberated young women and reduced them to relying on their status as sex objects in order to gain power in our culture. The sections where Lisa, the Mary Magdalene figure, becomes a concubine to a record producer and Racinda describes trying to be one of the guys while remaining attractive stand out as brilliant examples of this phenomenon, which has yet to be explored in modern literature."
Brace yourselves, you lucky things!


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