Margaret Carlson, (and your editors) at The Los Angeles Times, you are rocking my world today:
Just as Rather never rose to the iconic stature of Cronkite, Rather's replacement won't rise to the level of Rather. Cable is nipping at the heels of broadcast news; by the time broadcast news comes on, cable has chewed over everything that's happened that day. News is balkanized into financial, entertainment, political and red-state/blue-state sectors. Young audiences won't sit still for stories about "Your Health" amid ads for Imodium and denture cream; they've already decamped to Jon Stewart's "Daily Show." Many viewers prefer their news predigested by similarly like-minded ideologues such as Bill O'Reilly. The network news audience can only get smaller.

When a job is sufficiently devalued, a woman can have it. Witness the rise in female doctors once HMOs sucked all the money and glamour out of the profession. Broadcast journalism is in a slump. The money's short, the prestige low, exotic foreign assignments over, unless you count Fallouja.

Still, we're likely to have a woman president before we have a woman anchor on the networks.
Brilliant and true.


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