Elizabeth and I have spent a lot of time discussing her forthcoming novel, Girly, that may be the first book from a future Cupcake publishing imprint if it works out (e.g. is massively profitable and I finally get that pink Bentley with the endangered species fur interior that I have been wishing for all these years).

I have known Elizabeth for six years (less than the time it took her to write Girly), and it's so exciting that this amazing, mythic, near-legendary underground sensation will finally see the light of day. It's hard to articulate how much the book inspired and shaped the Cupcake concept and vision.

We are going to meet up soon to work on her entirely grassroots publicity plan. Here is my question to you for today, lovely Cupcake reader: Are you a blogger, writer, or editor-type person who would like to interview Elizabeth about her book and writing and le Cupcake? Or a reading series coordinator who would like to book our own Ms Merrick to read in Spring or Summer 2005?

If so, please email mail [at] cupcakeseries [dot] com. All inquiries will be considered and responded to in a timely fashion, and you can go to sleep tonight knowing that I will love you forever.


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