Elizabeth and I were interviewed about our Cupcake blog, along with Ed Champion, Michael Orthofer, MJ Rose, Nathalie Chicha, Lizzie Skurnick, Mad Max Perkins, Kassia Krozser, Megan of BookDwarf, and Sam Jones, by Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network for his second "blogger's e-panel."

EWN: What do you hope to accomplish with your efforts?

Lauren: Long-term: Nothing less than a full-blown revolution. Mid-range: Go on Oprah! Short term: We'd like to create more opportunities for women writers (including us, of course) to make their voices heard.

Elizabeth: Yes. Also--I got so sick of explaining the sexism in conversations, you know, at a cocktail party or something--the sexism in the publishing industry is a major emporer's-new-clothes situation so the second you make a nod to it, people tend to either want to agree with you or get in an argument with you about it. I want the entire Cupcake argument online so that I can just give someone a web address and talk about more social, festive things.
Again, you can read the whole thing (and there are lots of clever and insightful comments from everyone) here.


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