This past Thanksgiving weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in D.C with my brother, sister and nine year old niece. We checked out the fossils, dinosaurs, ice age room and then the history of man room. My niece's eyes lit up when she saw the neaderthal skulls and a replica of the cave man dwellings. In the middle of the room was an empty plexi-glass display with a sign that read, "The Evolution of Man" and then a Xeroxed paper taped just underneath: "THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. SCIENTISTS HAVE FOUND SOME NEW AND EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS! PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER."

My cynical older brother mumbled, "Yeah, check back later when you can see the new God's Creation of Man display". I piped in with, "I can't wait to see Adams rib and the original apple that damned us all!"

My brother then informed that he wasn't kidding and that several states are now trying to legally ban the teaching of Darwin's evolution in schools. "No way." I said and then I found this, and then this. Yes way!
"God created earth and man in his image," another parent, Patricia Fuller, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Leave this garbage out of the textbooks. I don't want anybody taking care of me in a nursing home some day to think I came from a monkey."
What an optimist you are. To have the gall to think that you, Patricia Fuller, will have that kind of comprehensive health coverage and have the luxury of living in a nursing home in your golden years? HA! That's more outlandish than the theory of you being the by-product of some dude's rib.

Fact or theory?

-xxxooo Jen

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