Hello Cupcakes-

Lauren has handed me the travel baton and now I am off to France for the holidays. Sad to be missing tomorrow’s Cupcake, I’ve decided to re-read Amélie Nothomb's Fear and Trembling on the plane to cheer me up. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read her work, I suggest you start with Fear and Trembling and if you've already read it then go watch the movie.

Nothomb is the darling of the French literary world. Belgium born and raised in Japan, Amélie has written 12 novels, is a winner of France's Grand Prix de l'Academie and now resides in Paris - did I mention she's thirty six? Her work is dark, comical and at times grotesque and wildly absurd - She is so cupcake she doesn't even know it! I've yet to read all of her books because only four are translated into English - merde! And don't pay any attention to what they say about her in this week’s NYTBR. For some reason Amélie Nothomb is one of those writers critics love to hate.

My Cupcake wish list for 2005: Amélie Nothomb

Bonnes Fetes!


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