I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry, darling. It has nothing to do with how sexy and intelligent you are. The hawkish among you may have noticed that I updated my other blog twice today. This state of affairs is not lost on me.

I should tell you though that I am still a little in awe of how stellar Tuesday's Cupcake was, with Nell and Dika reading and Katherine once again leading a discussion. I am a little blown away by this whole experience, and how many truly amazing people we've met - readers, writers, editors, booksellers, everyone. The support that we've found for this project is truly phenomenal.

Also, that party I mentioned last night? It was off the hook. I had a fabulous time, and then I was walking across town to catch my bus in the East Village (I prefer to take the bus up First Ave very late at night due to the Hopperesque qualities of the experience), I slipped and fell and totally smashed my knee. I'm okay, but I have a whalloping bruise casting shadows on my kneecap that has slowed me down and made me a bit more inclined to take it easy.

So I'm taking a breather from the discourse today, and listening to the coveted cd that new friend Sasha was kind enough to bring to me on Tuesday.

Right now I am working on a profile of an artist I just interviewed for a new magazine, and I need to attend to some cash flow-related matters that keep the tiny corporation that is Lauren, Inc. in business.

Posting may be light again tomorrow, as I am working on a longer piece that will seem like a present but is really just a reward for your patience at the moment.


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