Next Tuesday's Cupcake is a pick in The New York Press (click, then scroll down to the last item, which says...):

The only reason we go to readings is for the tweed skirts and horn-rimmed specs, and this one's bound to be a sausage fest, full of suckers who think they stand a chance with a Harvard hottie with the best name ever who, while working for The New Yorker, banked a cool six-figures for her debut story collection. But it should be hilarious watching blazer-wearing dweebs buy Freudenberger drinks or, worse, buy a copy of her book then ask her to fill in the seven digits after the "617" area code already inscribed. Chill, fellas. That's our move. Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St. (Allen St.), 212-966-7223; 7:30, free.
It's an intriguing fantasy of Cupcake in a post-apocalyptic, Blade Runner-esque future, no?

Thanks for the love, NYP!


PS. A big shout out also to New York magazine for listing us, too!

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