Occasional (and too infrequent) drinking buddy and Cupcake alum (September 2004) Emma Garman writes in to share an observation:
Just wanted to share my dismay.  Reading this week's Onion, I perused the best of 2004 lists from the regular music critics.  I hadn't actually noticed before that all six of them are men!  Are women not allowed to write about music?  Consequently I think there's a female/male artist ratio in the lists of about 2-8.  Isn't this typical?
I'm so glad I was listening to "Miss World" when I got that email: Courtney Love will save us all.

Emma Garman has a blog, but she is too busy being fabulous to update it these days. The buzz I've heard is that she may soon be guest-blogging at MaudNewton.com, our home away from home, one Friday a month...


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