One of the best things to love about Cupcake - not to mention being a feminist sex bomb - is that men will always find a way to let you know that they're down with the revolution once they realize you're all over it.

Last night at a cocktail party, just as my attention started to flag, the guy who I was chatting with segued topics from the long weekend he recently spent skiing in Switzerland to the "absolute outrage" of sexism.

On Friday, one of our most ardent fans, who is surprisingly not a record-store clerk or a graduate student in Women's Studies but a venture capitalist, asked me casually during dinner if I read the recent New York Times interview with the Nobel Prize-winning writer Elfriede Jelinek. I missed it.

There was a brief period in time - September, October - when I felt obligated to read and comment on every story about women and literature and feminism, as well as call out all sexist reporting, etc. but it started to feel rather stifling and myopic so I just read whatever I want now and blog whenever I feel like it.

When I replied that I hadn't read it, he said: "Really? She has the best line," and proceeded to quote verbatim from memory: "As long as men are able to increase their sexual value through work, fame or wealth, while women are only powerful through their body, beauty and youth, nothing will change."

My first thought was: Is this moment ironic? Right behind it: Oh, Elfriede: so goddamn right it's scary! Anyway, he is so best. He just sent me a reminder to read the interview, and now I'm passing it along to you.


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