Usually, Tommy Lee is pretty much the opposite of what would I would characterize as an inspiration. However, I am loving the back-page interview that he did with next month's issue of Elle magazine (not online), e.g.
ELLE: Here's the multiple-choice portion of the test. The number of partners you've had could fill: (a) a city bus; (b) the Viper Room; (c) Madison Square Garden; or (d) Rhode Island.

Tommy Lee: Maybe (b), though the Viper Room might be a little small. But you know what, dude? I lost count a long time ago.

ELLE: At what point?

Tommy Lee: Around 85.

ELLE: That's not such a shocking number.

Tommy Lee: No, 1985, the year.
My resolution for 2005 (the year): Be more like Tommy Lee, in every way.


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