As promised, the funniest, best, and only submissions for The New Yorker's Lady Prize (I made that up, but you know, it might be a step in the right direction...). Enjoy -- if your week has been as long and crazy as mine has been, you've certainly earned it. The entries are listed in order of when they came in, or whatever order they were in in my inbox. Whatever. Drum roll, please:

Weighing in . . . I've had a subscription to The New Yorker since before Tina Brown added color and as much as I do depend on it--- its lack of female perspective is discouraging to say the least.

Also, I have three names for you because I believe the "one" (always has to be a "one") is very male-- very alpha male-- I prefer a circle of women and put forward this trio as I believe they could bring varied and balanced female perspective all with killer humor and exceptional intelligence...




I love me some Cupcake!


Touche! An innovative editorial circle of exceedingly sharp, feminist (e.g. in possession of a brain) women does sound appealing, and having a Cupcake (Eurotrash, September '04) on the inside would certainly be lovely. And bloggers - so 21st century! That inventive, creative arrangement could be very fabulous and very, very cool.

Dear Cupcake,

This doesn't count, because she's already a staff writer, but if there were to be one woman at the New Yorker, I nominate Katherine Boo, for her excellent writing and real reporting on real issues -- like how the indulgences of Caitlin Flanagan and her ilk fuck the poor.

Plus her last piece, on charter schools, provides the perfect little dollop of faux-contrarian frisson which Remnick seems to require.


Totally agreed. Katherine Boo is an absolute genius. This has been noted publicly, and accompanied by a large check, so I don't feel the need to dwell on it here. But...she works for The New Yorker, so I guess she would be disqualified if we had rules or anything like that, but we don't, so...perfect.

Next up:

If I were forced to pick a token woman to write for the New Yorker, I would ask that Meghan O'Rourke be snatched away from Slate.  However! -- if this business about the New Yorker is really as bad as it seems, I'd rather let Ms. O'Rourke remain comfortable among mixed company over at Slate.  Why Meghan?  Because she does exactly what a great critic and editor should do: say what the rest of us are fumbling around trying to say, except much, much better.  Plus, she has opinions -- not loud and show-offy ones, but arguments that are subtle and substantive.  She's also not afraid to let a feminist lens inform her views. In fact, she pulls out said eyepiece so frequently that we start to think that feminism might not be a movement at all, but a cultural mindset.  Hmm ...  who'da thought?

If the Guerrilla Girls were protesting this situation, they might pass out stickers with the image of a female sign-slash-magnifying glass and the names of the suggested female writers and critics plastered all over them.  That way, people could "accidentally" place the stickers on the cover of the New Yorker in their local bookstores.  Upload a .pdf file, encourage people to buy sticker paper, and it could be a world-wide uprising.  What do you say, Cupcake?

Becca Klaver
Milwaukee, WI

First up, Becca: we like your style. Why, clever people in every town could potentially find themselves rather accident-prone suddenly this spring... I know the slant towards male contributors in the magazine certainly could give one vertigo. It's like a disease. Anyway, I digress for the moment. Meghan O'Rourke is 100% superstar, but again with the technicalities: I believe she has already been on staff at The New Yorker, which might disqualify her if we had rules around here, which again, we don't.

In conclusion, thank you so much for your submissions! We are not going to vote any of the fine writers mentioned here who have worked for The New Yorker already off the island: This is Cupcake, not Survivor. Unless you're a sexist or an "anti-feminist," in which case the sharks can have you, dahhling.

We LOVE getting email from all you sweet Cupcakes, so please do keep it comin'. And, for the previously shy: Please consider adding your ideas to the comments section.

Everybody wins!


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