As you know, Cupcake is not your father's reading series. For starters, one of our main influences and inspirations is Sleater-Kinney. To wit, here's an excerpt from a Bitch magazine article from a while back:
Using rock as both a means and a metaphor to explore questions of identity and take on the rock 'n' roll boys' club, the new album telegraphs its intentions from the very first track. "You don't own the situation, honey/You don't own the stage," declares Tucker on "Male Model," adding, "We're here to join the conversation, and we're here to raise the stakes.
The whole article is worth reading for about a million different reasons. It just totally reinvigorated my attitude towards today, and so I'm off to my neighborhood cafe, to do some work, writing and planning. I'm just starting to realize that 2005 is going to be the year for everything.


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