Brigid Hughes has left The Paris Review. The New York Times has the story, and notes:
Elizabeth Gaffney, a former managing editor of The Review, said the board has been "very unsupportive" of Ms. Hughes in recent months, although it voted unanimously a year ago to appoint her over John Jeremiah Sullivan, a writer and editor, who was the other finalist.

Ms. Gaffney said that after she left the Review's board last year, she "became extremely concerned" that they would not renew Ms. Hughes's contract.

Speaking of the board, she continued: "I don't think they really cared what she was publishing. I think they just wanted to take the magazine in a different direction."
As you may recall, our own Elizabeth was asked to comment on Ms. Hughes' appointment as The Paris Review's first female editor last year. That exchange, from Jane, can be found here, under "Cupcake in the news."


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