I am working on a longer piece about the use of cupcakes as metaphor in conceptual art, but I'll have to put that up later this weekend as I am too busy to devote the necessary time to that examination at the moment.

Today, I popped into Bluestockings, stopped by Lolita (best bar ever, as you know), hit The Mud Truck, and breezed by a few other places in the course of running errands.

One new favorite I discovered is the Sweet Things Cafe, Gallery and Gift Shop, operated by The Lower Eastside Girls Club, a marvelous community-service organization. I got to chatting, as is my way, and found out that they are in need of smart, fabulous women to volunteer time (around 12 hours a month -- like what you spend reading Gawker, right? Admit it.) for their mentoring program. I, of course, offered to put the word out to all you lovely gals.

And lest you darling boys feel left out, you can put that extra .$23 cents you make on a buck toward a donation or some tasty treats at the Sweet Things Bake Shop. Or even better, contact them about organizing a fundraiser.

Everybody, check it out today.

Happy weekend!


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