Pitchaya Sudbanthud (whose excellent Konundrum Engine Literary Review is always looking for women writers to contribute stories, you know...) has a superlative article on local, indie, women-owned used bookseller Freebird Books (which has a stellar reading series of its own, where I first heard February Cupcake Maxine Swann read last summer). Noted:
Back in the summer of 2003, Rachel and Samantha were both working at restaurants in Red Hook, a desolate, working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s catching the eyes of real-estate developers. Rachel had gotten her master’s in creative writing from the New School, and Samantha had come from Montana armed with a degree in literature. One day, while sunbathing on Samantha’s rooftop, they decided they needed to make a change in their careers. “Let’s open up a bookstore,” Samantha suggested.
My affection for this particular story -- and for The Morning News in general -- stems from how rare really good local reporting is in New York, and how easy to recognize and deeply satisfying it is when you finally come across some. Definitely make a beeline for the piece, and for Freebird, too.


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