Reader Joanna Goddard, who is an editor at Topic magazine, writes in to say:
i read your piece on the lack of female new yorker writers, which was great--and thankfully, i think the magazine is now finally getting a little more female representation.

however....i wanted to email you because i found one of the articles last week ("Funny Boys" by Rebecca Mead) to be sexist and offensive. the subject (four guys running a website, collegehumor.com) was totally out of synch with the rest of the magazine, and, although i think (and hope) the writer Rebecca Mead was trying to be somewhat satirical, she went on and on about their exploits: photographing girl-on-girl action and topless college women, political demonstrations a la Brazilians, braless women in the city, lifted skirts on Marti Gras the beauty of flings with foreign girls...

what do you girls think?  i wrote a salty letter to mail@newyorker.com, and i was wondering if you might also write a note to them, or possibly encourage other cupcake writers to do so...
I personally thought that article, and its subject matter, was some seriously moronic shit, and if I thought they actually had any money -- not like, "tribeca loft rent money" -- I would assume they were key advertisers getting a little love from editorial.

Nonetheless, as is the case with Trent Lott's speeches and Lawrence Summers' junk science, I prefer that stupid claims are made publicly so that at least they're on the record. Still, it must be hard to read that article and realize that's your New Yorker.

Maybe it's a cry for help. The New Yorker needs you. Yes, let's make this our official call to action for today. Write a letter and let the New Yorker know that it doesn't have to go home with the first guy that buys it a drink.

Thanks, Joanna!


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