The Sontag hating gets much much worse: Richard Grayson was so appalled by this monstrous link that he sent it along for us to excise and stomp on with our pretty pretty shoe. The last line of this article:

"Susan Sontag's death at 71 was at least four decades overdue."

Do you remember what it was like after Reagan died. Reagan! Responsible for violence, poverty, discrimination on such a massive scale--even in face of the apocalyptic situation currently being created by his progeny's progeny at warp speed in 2004 the left was largely quiet, polite, respectful of the dead.

I am reminded of this quotation from Elfriede Jelinek:

"A woman who becomes famous through her work reduces her erotic value. A woman is permitted to chat or babble, but speaking in public with authority is still the greatest transgression."

Sontag didn't reduce her erotic value. But the hate released on her death from certain crusty intellectual corners would indicate that a woman public intellectual is still far more threatening to the boys of America than anything else. Yes, this most egregious article is from the fringe. But the ire is similiar to the vitriol Hillary Clinton seems to inspire. Hmm. Go figure.

The New Criterion's Sontag hating didn't go so far as this malfeasant, but check it out--Lauren found the New Criterion's little manifesto for you:
The New Criterion, founded in 1982 by the art critic Hilton Kramer and the pianist and music critic Samuel Lipman, is a monthly review of the arts and intellectual life. Written with great verve, clarity, and wit, The New Criterion has emerged as America's foremost voice of critical dissent in the culture wars now raging throughout the Western world. A staunch defender of the values of high culture, The New Criterion is also an articulate scourge of artistic mediocrity and intellectual mendacity wherever they are found: in the universities, the art galleries, the media, the concert halls, the theater, and elsewhere. Published monthly from September through June, The New Criterion brings together a wide range of young and established critics whose common aim is to bring you the most incisive criticism being written today.
Lauren says: "I love that good old school boys get to say things cloaked in the above, as opposed to some redneck harassing a waitress outside a truckstop, getting blown off, and saying 'I'd like to nail her tits to a tree.'"

Same essential concept as my favorite bell hooks essay:In the same way that rap often does, right-wing middle- and working-class white voices outside the Ivy League "give voice to the brutal raw anger and rage against women that it is taboo for 'civilized' adult men to speak."

But the New Criterion manages to speak it anyway. Now that's something.

Jeez. Somebody please tell me something good. Oh, thank you, Gawker, that helped.


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