This morning while listening to the Senate committee’s confirmation hearing of Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State, an n.p.r reporter hushed in with: “She’s one tough cookie.”

I nearly choked on my coffee. Did he just call the former national security advisor a tough cookie? Shut up! I think all of Bush’s theocrats should be nicknamed after baked goods. What a brilliant P.R move.

Rumsfeld: The unarmed nut puff.

Wolfowitz: Upside down sponge cake.

Alberto Gonzolez: Peach Napoleon.

Cheney: Devil food cake

George W: Pillsbury Dough Douche.

You’ve come a long way Condi. Even though you’re on your way to becoming one of the highest appointed female lackeys for one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of America, just remember at the end of the day….you’re still just one tough cookie.

Soo not Cupcake.

I think I feel some ranting coming on tonight.

- Jen (the quiet one.)


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