Bees, we have been so busy whipping up magical events for you, to be enjoyed both in the near and slightly distant future, that we haven't been posting as prolifically as one might like.

I'm afraid that I'm on my way out the door again, but I do want to draw your attention to some fun in the city for you New York Cupcakes:
FRIDAY, 2.11: "ROOM creates a space for us all to inhabit. Wynne Greenwood and Fawn Krieger build a utopian living room out of wood, foam, cheap carpet, and video projections that envisions new ideas about community and home. An immersive video environment during the day, the installation serves as a stage in the evening for the art punk band Tracy + the Plastics.... Exploring notions of identity and communication, the band hangs out, re-imagining 1970s feminist consciousness-raising groups and questioning the present state of radical feminism." At The Kitchen. 8:00pm and 10:00pm, $12 each performance (See also: Thu, Feb 10th @ 8pm; Sat, Feb 12th @ 8pm and 10pm $12; Exhibition Hours: Mon-Sat, Feb 7-12, 12-6pm, FREE).
From the Smart Set, my weekly event listings at MaudNewton.com.

See also: All Cupcakes, All The Time (I am all about smashing the gym as well as the patriarchy, doves).

Have a scandalous weekend!


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