Do you need a little love from Jeanette Winterson? Do you? I know you do baby. Here you go:
I am sunk up to my eyebrows in my new book for kids. It is all I want to do, but the emails keep pouring in, and the admin, and the notes from accountants and tax inspectors and busy people in offices who are paid to waste everyone`s time.

People sometimes say I am really organised and I seem to make life work, but the truth is that finding time is a daily struggle, because we live in a world that operates by wasting time.

I am a writer, and I have to find time to write. How crazy is that?

I could spend my life going to conferences and answering emails and airing my opinions on chatshows and in newspapers, quite apart from playing with my shop and seeing to my woodland and my animals.

I love life, and a love a rich and full life, but I am well aware how much mental determination it takes to sit down and read poetry - and we're not even talking about writing it.

For all of you who live in chaos, well so do I. It's just that I am a Virgo, and therefore obliged by the stars to TIDY UP.

No seriously, it is always a struggle to live well - and by that I mean making time for the things that matter, like art and love and cooking, and making time for the things that matter just to you, however wacky. As well as all this we have to earn our living and stay political, and it's no wonder that people feel that they just can't cope.

Deep breath. Sit down. Close your eyes. Remember. Remember who you are and what you care about. Do this little exercise every day.
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